The Kurmin Life game is based on 18 Wheels of Steel: Pedal to the Metal by SCS Software
Firstly install the game from the .iso using Daemon Tools, then copy the "18 WoS Pedal To The Metal" folder to "My Documents"


Current project version: 0.95

WARNING: The project is still BETA and some functions may not work correctly.

If you find something really bad in the gameplay,

click here to visit the official community

and write a post there. We will review your post and fix the bug you found



Version 0.95

- Added 4 new Finnish towns

- Made some improvements on the map

- Optimized user interface (localization, GUI)

- Made all Kurmin characters as hireable drivers

- Changed Juncuevo's and Atyapin's cars

- New design of main menu

- New animated buttons in main menu and pause menu

- New logo

- New loading screen


Version 0.9

- Corrected some mistakes in cargo configuration

- Corrected some mistakes on the map on the Planning screen

- Set up default screen resolution to 1024x768

- Made better look of all forest terrains

- Placed supermarkets Iso Myy and Prisma in the city of Joensuu and IKEA in the city of Kuopio

- Fixed a bug where traffic would crash into the custom checks

- Fixed a bug where traffic would crash into the dock by CKK Trans Auto in the town of Puutosi

- Made better look of the traffic caravan


Version 0.8

- Made more realistic nature (added rocks, lakes, rivers etc in several places, added forest behind docks)

- Fixed a bug with wrong texture on the traffic truck


Version 0.7

- Added 9 new Finnish towns

- Fixed a bug where the interior of your car had no texture

- Fixed a bug where the wheels of the traffic city buses had no texture

- Set up road numbers and corrected road pointers

- Placed more gas and service stations


Version 0.6

- Added district of Aunus (the southern part of the Republic of Karelia) to the map

- Fixed a bug where traffic would crash into one of the warehouses in Tahko

- Changed logo of the 57-73 company

- Optimized traffic for Finland, decreased amount of touring buses

- Fixed a bug where the flag icon (start position) would always appear in the middle of the map

- Fixed some bugs on Buravov's husband's and Pozd's cars