Kurmin Life - Travel Across Finland

Kurmin is a young mountain skier from the city of Petroskoi. His friend Juncuevo sometimes invites him to a trip on a ski resort and sometimes invites him to meet almost his whole relationship!!!

Kurmin meets Buravov, Juncuevo's wife's sister,

Pimenov, Juncuevo's sister's husband,

Cepague, Juncuevo's cousin's granddaughter... and that's not all!!!

Buravov, Pimenov and Cepague are being met with the whole family!!! Is it all? NO!!!

Pimenov travels with his sister from the town of Sortavala and his second cousins from Finland. Kurmin also meets them. Is it all? NO!!!

Pimenov has many friends, some of them live in the village of Virantajarvi. Kurmin meets them all.

And also, there are 34 people who Kurmin meets, 17 of them can give Kurmin their car, Kurmin can drive it instead of his car to earn money by delivering different things to somebody of those 34 people