Kurmin Life - Tips and Tricks

- If your prestige is 75 or over, you can take a 'wages' cargo from Curmino y Juncuevo, Cepagual or BuraTrans. It can give you a half a million dollars

- A scale weight sign on some cargoes means that it weighs more than allowed. When you try to carry such cargo through the International Border, you will get a fine

- A wine glass sign on some cargoes means that these cargoes are fragile and you may destroy them quickly. If the cargo is highly damaged, your fee may be more than two times smaller

- A clock sign on some cargoes means that if you deliver them later than required, your fee will be very small. You can disable this option by unchecking 'Enable Timed Jobs' when starting a new game. NOTE: if you do it, your prestige won't reach one hundred

- A star sign is situated on every cargo:

Black - any prestige required

Bronze - prestige 25+ required

Silver - prestige 50+ required

Gold - prestige 75+ required

Kurmin Life - FAQ

Q: Which car will I use when I start a new game?

A: If you will be an Employee, you will use Juncuevo's car

If you will be an Owner Operator or a Company Boss you will use Kurmin's car.

Q: Where can I change my car?

A: There are two car lots, one next to Karhumaki and the other next to Kuopio

Q: I cannot reach 100 prestige points...

A: Timed jobs must be enabled

Q: Why do I always turn the trailer upside down instead of attaching it?

A: When attaching a trailer, switch on the parking brake and the car will quickly stop after releasing the keys

Q: Where is the International Border?

A: It is between the towns of Vartsila and Niirala and between the towns of Kostamus and Vartius. Try not to cross it when your cargo is marked with a scale weight sign

Q: What can be behind the round tunnels?

A: There can be a hunter's camping or a skiing resort. Every such place has a dock

Q: What is the difference between Employee, Owner Operator and Company Boss?

A: In Employee mode you won't be able to change your car by yourself. You will start with Juncuevo's car and your car will be changed automatically after every earned 40,000 dollars. You can choose only the offered cargo to deliver

In Owner Operator mode you can select cars and cargoes by yourself. In Company Boss mode you can also hire other people and buy different cars to them

Q: Can I switch between game modes?

A: When you have 100,000 dollars or more, you can switch to Owner Operator but you cannot switch back to Employee. When your prestige is 50 or more, you can switch to Company Boss but you cannot switch back to Owner Operator/Employee

Q: A new week started and my balance is below zero...

A: Try not to have too little money. Carry more cargoes and you will safely pay your weekly taxes

Q: The police bothers me by decreasing my prestige...

A: You can disable the police when starting a new game